XMPP Server

Instant Messaging is provided using XMPP (sometimes called "Jabber"), an open and "federated" instant messaging service.

You can register using any chat client supporting XMPP, or you can use this registration form.

For chat clients, I like Psi+ when using a graphical environment, or Profanity when using a command line. Pidgin and mcabber are also popular options. A webchat client is linked below if you don't want to install anything.

I don't use smart devices, so I can't recommend chat clients for these. However, you can find a list of clients for both mobile and desktop here.

Your chat client should be able to auto-detect the server and port information -- just enter your user name and password. The server and port are provided below for the rare occaision when auto-detection fails.

User name: you@youhavewrites.social
* Replace "you" with your desired name
* Do not include the "xmpp." part after the @ symbol -- it should just be @youhavewrites.social
* Most chat clients will call this your Jabber ID (JID for short)
Password: whatever you want your password to be
Server xmpp.youhavewrites.social
Port: 5222
Webchat: https://movim.youhavewrites.social