Social Network

I have two social networks:

Pixelfed: Photo and image sharing. Create artwork with your fountain pens and dip pens and share them here! Think of this as an open source alternative to the likes of Flickr and Instagram.

Click here for Pixelfed.

Friendica: General social networking. Think of it as an open source alternative to Fackbook (sic).

Click here for Friendica.

Provide a valid e-mail address when registering for either service. This will be necessary to verify your account prior to using either service, receiving notifications (can be enabled/disabled at your option), and, in the case of Friendica, you will receive a temporary password over e-mail.

Both services are capable of "federating" with outher services, i.e. they can connect with other compatible services to share images, posts, etc. You can also follow/subscribe to people on other compatible services. Unfortunately, this does not include most proprietary networks (Fackbook {sic}, Twitter, etc.) -- but if you care about privacy, you probably don't want that anyway.