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Last updated: 7 June 2022

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While YouHaveWrites.net and YouHaveWrites.social are generally focused towards the fountain pen hobby, it is my firm belief that people should be free to express their opinions and beliefs. If, at any time, an employer terminates the employment of a user of this site for something that he or she posted here, and the post in question does not violate the terms set forth in this document, the employer responsible for terminating the employment of said user shall be permanently banned from accessing this site and any services provided by YouHaveWrites.net and YouHaveWrites.social. This does not count instances where a user is terminated from employment for accessing this or other sites while on-the-job and applies strictly to the termination of employment for posts which are made on this site.

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Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA)

While this site is not commercialized in any way, it is intended for a mixed-age audience and is therefore covered by the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). Out of respect for your privacy, I do not ask for an age or birthday during registration; however, if at any point it is revealed to me that you are 12 years of age or younger, I will be legally required to suspend or terminate your account. By registering for an account on this web site, you attest to one of the following:

Parents & Guardians: You may e-mail contact+coppa@youhavewrites.net to let me know whether or not your child may use an account on this web site. Please list all services hosted through YouHaveWrites.net and YouHaveWrites.social that your child may register an account with, as well as the user name your child intends to register. You must also provide proof that you are the legally responsible parent or guardian; this can include, among other things, a legally recognized photo ID for you and legal identification (e.g. birth certificate or other things) for your child. Please keep in mind that it is entirely your responsibility -- not mine -- to monitor your child online and control what he or she is able to view and what he/she is able to do. I do everything reasonably possible to moderate what happens on this website and the services offered through it, however my time is very limited and I cannot always respond immediately to issues that arise, therefor I cannot make any guarantees on what your child sees or what your child does.

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Violations of the terms set forth in this document

If you violate the terms set forth in this document in any way, you may, depending on the severity of your violation, be permanently or temporarily banned from this site and/or any services offered through this web site or the server hosting it. Furthermore, if you violate the terms set forth in this document, you understand that I will no longer be bound to these terms, and, if banned either temporarily or permanently, you understand that I may release any data and/or communications belonging to you on this service to any third party and/or publish it as I see fit. Furthermore, you understand that I may, at my option, charge a punitive fee of not more than $5,000 in U.S. currency to pay for the act of cleaning up and removing any abusive and/or vandalistic content posted by you, and that I may require you to pay any additional fees incurred in collecting this fee.